Monday, February 2, 2015

January Journalling

 The start of a new year and time off from regular life usually finds me madly art journalling, processing what has been and contemplating what is to come, lucky for me my feathered friends were on hand to 'help'.

This year started off with lots happening here. I have been going through some pretty major personal challenges and a dear friend Kat Lakie put my name up for some lovely supportive art mail, and the very nurturing  and talented Beth Pastore send me an envelope full of love so I used them in my journal.

I also had loads going on in January as I was taking my kids on a road trip and to a folk festival so I did a whole heap of backgrounds and collages into my new journal then I could just take it and a box of basic supplies and play while we ere away.

You might see something you have sent me over the years here as I did a big tidy up of my art space looking for all sorts of things I could add as pockets of things to fold out and open

Beth had sent me some great words she had cut from magazines and as I was decluttering and recycling magazines I did a quick flick through and grabbed any words of images that called to me.

I had so much fun building this journal.
Using up all sorts of saved snippets.

There is also plenty of heart felt journalling 

 This page I love the colours but it was a bit private hence the blur.

I love playing with colour and scraps and have actually gone on and done a much darker version dealing with deeper issues using just black and white and grey and a bit of brown.


  1. This is beautiful Louise. All of these pages ready and waiting!

    I sometimes wish for a road trip. (I wonder though, if I really need one to be able to do something like this... ) To be away from the technology for awhile and give myself the time to just sit and doodle, or write, or journal. I think the pre-made pages was genius, and Beth and Kat are both such lovely people (at least as much as I know them on FB and in classes ;)) - I believe in the idea that our online friendships can be just as strong as the in person ones by virtue of shared energy - but, I digress lol) It was kind and quite considerate of them to add you and send a bit of mail joy your way. Since you've decluttered, I won't ask if you'd like more ;P <3
    Enjoy your journey xoxo

    1. I love road trips with my boys Patricia. It is special time together out of regular life. You could probably do something like this any time though <3


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