Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Boiled Books

It all began with a beautiful day at the beach,
we met at Brooms Head for a home school day looking at marine life and exploring the rock pools, it was such a fabulous day, and we saw the whales . I was so excited.

I came home with a bucket full of sea weeds and plants from beach combing.

and used them to create a boiled book.

 This was my first attempt after watching this fabulous series of videos

My pages are beautiful but I think I was too chunky with my plant matter  and quite a few of my pages ended up torn and ripped.

The patterns and details are so beautiful, delicate and I got quite a range of colours.

It is jacaranda time here and my town of Grafton in northern NSW is a purple haze this time every year and on my morning walk today I started thinking about doing another book so I collected some leaves and flowers and hurried home.

I was much quicker putting this one together for the dye pot.

I also made sure I used a thin layer of leaves and flowers 
and kept my pages in a neat stack within the edges of my tiles.

I added some dark green dye to the pot this time as well 

The pages are very different 
and I love them 

I cant wait for them to dry
 so I can bind them together into a new book.

They almost look like xrays 

and when held up to the light you can see colours inside the pages.


  1. Wowser!! Great job and great tutorial like post. Bravo!!

    1. Thank you :) it is so fun I am a bit hooked atm.

  2. Fantastic Louise...I'm trying to finish up my swaps so I can have a go at this...thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Roz you are amazing all that you do. I look forward to seeing what you produce and video :)

  3. Whow that is a neat project. I love your pages. Are you going to do artwork on top of it? Please show us.

  4. That looks so so cool! I can't wait to have some time to try this out too. Thanks for sharing xoxo


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